File Explorer deletes root path when it's synced to another computer

  • Howdy,

    I sync this between my work computer and home computer, and when I first synced my settings together the File Explorer got pissed and deleted the root directory links all together. Can you tell it to chill out and maybe just display a "Sorry, bud that directory don't exist here no more" and then play this sound so it will still work on my other computer.

    Another idea is to possibly list alternatives for the file explorer to try when it does encounter an issue like this because I'll have the same directories on my computer that I do at work when I work from home, but the absolute paths would be different.

  • Hi,

    Was the root directory setting removed on the main computer you first synced from? Or just the secondary, you synced to?
    The paths aren't synced at all as they differ from one computer to another, so they should be manually configured on each computer. Once the paths are configured, they should not be overwritten by the data sync process.

  • How do you sync between computers? It's one of my issues.

  • @pauloc Check the Backup & Sync option on the Freeter settings (accessible via File menu on Win/Linux and Freeter menu on Mac).

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