wordpress admin panel render errors

  • Hello
    bug: there's wp admin panel render errors
    can't see logos of addons to theme x by themeco in Freeter
    can see everything in Chrome browser
    example screenshots:
    0_1490354779605_Screenshot_2017-03-24_13_51_31 wp admin panel chrome.jpg
    0_1490354791985_Screenshot_2017-03-24_13_51_29 wp admin panel freeter look.jpg

    I'm concerned wethere there'll be more significant errors and is it safe do admin wp sites via Freeter

    thank you

  • @dadapotok Thanks for reporting the issue! I'll check it.

  • feel free to contact me if you'll need more data or access to my test site admin with theme x installed.

    I really liked Freeter, so I'll be happy to use it again

  • @dadapotok That would be helpful! Could you give me access to the admin? My email: alex -at- freeter.io


  • @dadapotok Opened the page with Chrome and got "Your connection to this site is not fully secure" saw lots of warnings in the console: Mixed Content: The page was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

    Currently Freeter blocks all insecure content, that's why you don't see the images. I'll consider adding an option that will allow to show insecure content (for dev purposes), however it's recommended to fix the theme and load the assets thru HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • @alexk said in wordpress admin panel render errors:

    fix the theme and load the assets thru HTTPS instead of HTTP

    Customising anything from my daily workflow to satisfy the peculiarities of product I use to enhance my workflow seems illogical

    The thing is that many WP users are not developers. I just liked the Freeter UI.

    Theme I use was sold 144,897 it's like one of the most popular themes for WP ever made, it's not a niche stuff. The images you're talking about is the images from the 3rd party plugins (theme makers calls this plugins addons for some reason), so it's impossible to control this I suppose.

  • @dadapotok Thanks for the clarification. I'm not a WP dev and didn't know about the theme. It looks like it's ok when an insecure content is loaded from a secure page, based on the fact that almost 150k sites use a theme doing that. And as major web browsers allow to do that - I think it will be ok to do the same in Freeter's Webpage widget.

    The image loading issue will be resolved in the next version of Freeter. Once again, thanks for giving access to the wp admin! :thumbsup:

  • @alexk well i guess it's mutually beneficial since you're a dev and I'm a user and UI/UE enthusiast. You're welcome )

  • @dadapotok :heavy_check_mark: Done. Fixed in 1.1.0. Please check if it shows images.

  • beaten!

    offtop: CMD+H still can't hide the app. Didn't I share with you this keys

    0_1490812808784_Screenshot 2017-03-29 16.35.08 Freeter.png

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