Struggling to get Freeter to save password/remember login

  • Loving Freeter

    One issue I'm finding is that I'm struggling to get Freeter to remember my website login details in the web widgets when I close it and reopen it again. It makes me log in fresh every time as it doesn't seem to allow me to cache my login and doesn't give me an option to save my login details. Is there a way of solving this? Currently a pain as I'm primarily using it a lot for website widgets - hope you can help!

    Many thanks


  • @matt_0222 Matt, thanks for using Freeter! Is there an issue with restoring the session data in Freeter, or the websites you visit don't store the session data at all (don't have the 'keep me logged in..' option) and ask you to re-enter the login/pass each time you open them?

  • Hi Alex

    Thanks for the fast replt. Having played around a bit more I think that sometimes Freeter doesn't remember the login if you haven't clicked around a little within the site. For example on I logged in to my account, then quit Freeter, and then opened Freeter again. However, it just went back to the login page as if I hadn't logged in. However, when I logged in a second time and clicked around within my account, and then tried closing and opening Freeter again, it remembered. So not entirely sure what's going on there. I think from memory I had the same experience with logging into too - failed the first time - ok the second. These are both sites that allow you to login once and then stay logged in.

    In terms of the remembering passwords, is this possible? Some of the accounts I use don't allow a persistent login so it's bit of a pain to log in each time without the ability to save passwords or use 1Password unless I'm missing something?

    Thanks for your help!


  • @matt_0222 Thanks for the detailed info! I'll research the issue and check the possibility of integrating with password manager apps. Added to the roadmap.

  • I'm having similar issues with sessions not restoring login details.

    Bitbucket, Intercom, Heroku, and some others, all ask me sign in every time switch to the dashboard containing the webpage widget.

    All these sites allow me to stay signed in for many weeks in Chrome before the session runs out and I have to sign in again.

    In Chrome this is not an issue since there is 1Password integration, but in Freeter there is no password manager integration and signing in to services multiple times becomes cumbersome, especially when using 'secure' passwords of random characters and symbols.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what steps can be made to alleviate this obstacle.

  • Having the same issue. Some sites keep the password saved while others I have to re-login. Glad it's on the roadmap. Hopefully soon.

  • Same here. Whenever I switch projects, Slack logs me out. :(

  • Is there any development on this issue?

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