Milestone, Start-End Project Date, Gantt Charts

  • I hope this feature will make it to future updates:

    • the ability to adjust start-end date of the project
    • milestone lists
    • To-Do list / task list due date
    • gantt charts (because it was really hard to find any suitable and integrated workflow for gantt)

    Maybe put Gantt as a widget also a good idea.


  • Aren't there any web apps doing that? I mean why not just embed a ready made webapp with the webpage widget?

    I currently have many trello boards, with due dates. It works like a charm :star2:

    Thank you

  • I use Pagico for this. Gantt charts, etc.

    The only issue is, I don't seem to be able to mount it in the Freeter dashboard as you would a web app. I am new to the app and only downloaded it a half hour ago so the feature may already exist.

    I can load Mac apps via the toolkit, but not display them inside the app? Am I correct?

  • @Skyflowers Yes, correct. You can open Mac apps via the toolkit, but not embed them on a dashboard.

  • You can also consider Kanboard (, you can self-host if you want to keep all your data locally. It has some basic Gantt charts functionality.

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