Linux: After Upgrading to 1.1.0 freeter reports it's version as 1.0

  • Hi,

    I'm running an Archlinux and updated freeter today. The new Version still reports that it's 1.0. Only after I removed the folder ~/.config/freeter it is telling the correct version (I'd guess this is not intended).

    The data is backed up in a cloud and I was able to reimport without a problem.
    Anyways, a question I was asking myself did I loose any data in the progress? Is something important stored in ~/config/freeter ?

  • @redw0lf That's definitely not intended. Have you seen 1.0 in the help > about? Or you got an "update available" notice?

    After removing the folder you probably lost the session data of webpage widgets. Also file/folder paths and some app settings (such as main hotkey and ui theme) not backed up.

  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    I did get the update notice (on installed version 1.1.0). If I would've checked for updates it did tell me that an Update is available. But it did not recognize the version, only after i deleted the .config/freeter folder.

    And like you said: After I deleted the folder the session data was gone (minor issue) and I had to re log into the services, other than that no real issues did occur to me.

    Fro me no important data was lost in the process. Even though it was a little confusing in the beginning.

  • @redw0lf Hm. It seems that the AppImage didn't overwrite some files in the .config/freeter folder. I'll research it. Thanks for reporting the issue!

  • Someone just reported the same issue on Twitter, so I thought it could be helpful to have the solution in this thread.

    We've found that at the moment of launching Freeter.AppImage, the previous version of Freeter was still running and brought in front. Before launching a new Freeter.AppImage, please exit Freeter using File menu > Exit, or Tray Icon menu > Exit.

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