Completed to-do list items should stay at the bottom

  • It's a nice feature in Freeter 1.1.0 that completed to-do list items are moved to the bottom of the list. New list items are added below completed items though, which seems counter-intuitive to me. IMHO they should be added just before the first completed item.

  • @Enigma Added to the roadmap. Still not sure if this needs a separate option in the widget settings, or it should be always enabled when the "Move Completed to Bottom" is turned on. What do you think?

  • Well, in my opinion there's no need for an option - it doesn't make too much sense to me to have new active items after a possibly long list of completed items that have been moved to the end of the list intentionally. I don't know if others have any use for such a feature, though.

  • @Enigma Got it! Thanks.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Done! In 1.2.0 the completed items stay at the bottom.

  • @alexk Great, thank you very much!

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