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  • @Chris-Slane

    I like the idea of status. This should be a custom list that can be modified on a project by project basis IMHO.

  • @itbharsh said in Project switcher dashboard:

    @alexk after you get 10 or more projects the drop down just does not feel enough for me. I would like to see some sort of meta data project categorization that I can use to group my projects. I would like to see some sort of main Freeter dashboard that show projects by category so when you have 10's to 100's of projects you can find them quickly. The search we talked about before could also search for project names. If each project on the dashboard could show the project name and icon and perhaps create date that would be nice to see at a glance.

    Agree! It would be so useful to categorize projects and search names when you have heaps of projects.

  • Could a dashboard of projects be formatted as different columns or widgets relating to any category, perhaps? Then you could move them around.

  • I got one more idea. What if there will be two modes of Project Switcher? The mode could be changed via Application Settings. 1st mode - Dropdown menu, 2nd - Overview screen. Dropdown menu is the current menu. Overview screen mode will replace the dropdown with a "Home" button that opens Projects Overview screen when clicked.

    Projects Overview screen will show all projects as tiles for example, and have advanced things for organizing projects and switching between them, such as grouping by tags for example.

    Having two modes will allow to keep it simple for those who has 1-10 projects, and give some advanced functionality for those who has more projects.

  • Please continue sharing your thoughts here, if you get more ideas on how Project Switcher could be improved to better fit your needs.

    I've added this to the roadmap and will return to it after releasing v1.2.

  • @alexk Sounds great to me. Thanks for the quick response.

  • This is just an idea pertaining to the "usability" aspect of the overlay - why not make it behave similarly to alt+tab in operating systems?

    So you'd have a screen like this that is the overlay (taken from an atom plugin called expose):

    (just pretend those are project previews)

    This overlay is activated by a single key binding like ctrl-alt-p or something - but the keys have to be held down. letting go of the keys closes the overlay. While the overlay is open, you can use the number keys to select a specific project, or use the arrow keys to navigate up/down/left/right, or type in letters - which does a fuzzy match on the name of the project - the one with the higher specificity match is the one that will be selected. when the overlay is closed, Freeter will navigate to the new project if a new project is selected.

  • @zspec I like the look and feel of this but my preference would be to have the project name as the header and have a project description as the content of each. The blurred out text and such is not as helpful IMO as some kind of project description. Again I love the look and feel of your example and hope it gets implemented.

  • I recently had a conversation with Alex that touches on related subjects. After giving it a bit more thought, I think I have a good suggestion that would allow users to create such functionality as @Chris-Slane asked for (rightly so), but also generic enough to be application-wide (omnipresent) throughout Freeter.

    It essentially builds on #Tags as you know them from social media or Slack, but "Super Sized" with a simple set of variables representing the hierarchic breakdown, pointing to the location of your tagged

    Project ➞ Tab ➞ Widget ➞ Selection ➞ #AwesomeTAG

    Tagging multiple things throughout all your projects results in very useful "metadata"::

    @alexk A mockup of how to interface with this:

    Here's an artists rendering ;) (pretending I know how to code, which I don't! So don't rip me a new one, please!)         this.tag #ProjectName;             this.not_a_tag_in_sight;          this.tag #brilliant, to_keep, reading list, FreeterToPocket; this.tag #userflow, design, UX, iXD, Mental Models; this.tag #CatsOfFreeter;
    selection.text.url   this.tag #FreeterToPocket, CleanCode, Snippets;
    selection.text.      this.tag #AwesomeTAG;

    What could we do with this?
    Besides using them as "anchors" to jump between tabs and projects throughout Freeter, it's easy to imagine more powerful things like using them to make "Smart Filter Widgets", or instantly find all the related content that you just knew you had seen before... somewhere, simply by hovering on a Tag.
    Or go social, and link it to the entire Freeter "Hyve Mind"! Or... heck, why not the entire intertubes why don't we?

    🎶 Wouldn't that be nice?

    But most importantly perhaps, it will really help increasing Freeter's scalability (how easy it is to find existing content and integrate new content.) — I have used and tried more Utilities, Apps, Extensions and Services than I'm willing to ever admit, but virtually all ended up sucking because they Did Not Scale! So in my experience, this is still one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, just to remain useful to your users over time.

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