Freeze Text

  • Add option to make text and list widgets read only. You could add add an edit link in the header of the widgets next to copy.

  • @itbharsh Thanks for another request! Could you give more details on what problem will this feature solve?

  • "Thanks for another request!" Oops hope I'm not asking for too much. ;) I really like this tool and if sharing comes around I could really see me using it for daily home and work life.

    Anyway, this feature request is mainly needed if projects are allowed to be shared so you could make widgets somewhat read only so the text and list text cannot be modified with shared users. You could allow editing when the tab is in edit mode.

  • @itbharsh Feedback is always welcomed ;) As per the discussion in the Share Project thread, sharing projects/dashboards will be only available via Import/Export, without real-time collaboration.

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