A couple of improvements

  • Hello, I would like to start by saying that I like Freeter, I use it for more than just client projects - I use a project to keep track of my health.

    The requests I have are mainly some improvements on functionality that can be a little annoying while creating multiple projects.

    1. For the "Webpage" widget, make the URL editable. Sometimes some pages create dynamic URLs and I'm stuck with the old version and there's really no way to go to the new one unless I change it under the settings every time.

    2. For the "File Explorer" widget, have the ability to add comma delimiter file extensions while choosing a color. I have many different file types at any one time, and I have to continually create a new rule for what will essentially be the same color. Even worse, I have to do this for all tabs. A better solution would be to create global highlighting rules for all projects and then have the ability to change them for each project, or tab.

    3. Another one for "File Explorer," be able to drag files into folders, or just have a way to move them around. Doesn't have to be in the project scope, but at least at the tab range that one chooses. Another feature that is closely related to this one is the ability to drag files into the file explorer from the outside.

    4. While "maximizing" a widget, be able to press "Esc" key to exit out - this one is just to polish the widget more.

    These features are the main ones for that I keep having problems. Thanks for the great project :smile:

  • @Photon

    1. Can you give more details and an example of a page creating dynamic URLs you can't navigate to?
    2. Yup, definitely need a better solution for multiple rules having the same highlight look. Will implement that in 0.14. For global rules there is Common Rules for All File Explorer instances area in the File Explorer settings. You can move common rules there to apply them globally.
    3. Got it. That would be nice to drag files between File Explorers :thumbsup: Planned on 0.14.
    4. I'll try to implement this before the upcoming 0.13 :)

    I use it for more than just client projects - I use a project to keep track of my health.

    :exclamation: Wow! Can you share a few dashboards and ideas for Learn and Share, so that the community could get some inspiration on how Freeter can be useful for.

    Thank you!

  • @Photon

    1. After playing a bit with ESC I've found a scenario when it causes a weird behavior. If a webpage widget is in the "maximized" state, hosts some website that shows a modal window and the user pushes ESC, this will both close the modal window and exits the maximized state. We can't predict what does the user want to do in this case. Thought of a double-ESC keypress, that's also seems a bad idea - for example, if I open a card on Trello and focus the comment box, the first ESC is used to blur the comment box, and the second ESC closes the card. Skipping it for now, until 0.14 as I'm going to release 0.13 today or tomorrow. If you get any ideas on how else we can exit the Maximized state please share them here.

    Thank you!

  • What about Command/Control + esc? Not ideal, but at least on MAC it doesn't fire the standard esc interaction.

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