Custom CSS & JS for web widget

  • This is definitely just for developers or people who know css/js, so it wouldn't be high on the list of new features, but it would be awesome to be able to add a bit of CSS or JS to a website widget.

    With this feature you could, for example, hide a websites sidebar that you never use and is only distracting or hide other elements. You could make a website fit your frame a bit better, or other things.


  • @clonge A similar request was already proposed by @unsquare on

    As this post covers both CSS & JS for the same webpage customization reason, let's keep the further discussion here.

    Do we really need to inject JS code in order to be able to customize the look of web pages? Or CSS would be enough? As it was proposed by @unsquare:

    Something like stylish addon for chrome -

  • CSS would technically be enough to customize/remove design elements.

    JS gives the ability to add to the design if needed or desired. For example, putting a custom link bar at the top of a website app with all your most used links, so you don't have to search for them or click to multiple pages to get to common places. I am sure there are many use cases.

    JS would give you more control with more options and since it is basically the same process as inserting CSS on the programmatic side of Freeter, I figured why not include it.

  • @clonge Got it! Looks like it would be a nice feature. I think of implementing a single list for specifying a set of CSS and JS files to be injected into a webpage. Added to the roadmap.

    We will also probably need to specify a url to limit the injections and don't break something when you navigate to another site. Or maybe a simple check box for limiting the injections to the specified webpage's domain would be enough?

  • I think a checkbox will work.

  • @clonge Ok, thanks! The limitation will be enabled with a checkbox then.

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