Drag And Drop Support On File Widget

  • Cloud you support Drag and Drop on file widget ,because it could be very useful for file manage with two file widget.


  • @windsays Definitely! :star2: On the road map. Please share some thoughts on what would you prefer to do on drag & drop? Move items or copy items?

  • Both! I have some ideas about it: drag and drop without ALT does move; drag and drop with ALT does copy.(just like
    duplicate layer in Photoshop )

    ignore my poor English :)

  • @alexk about drag & drop,I think there is a nice way to use it: when I drag a folder from file explorer to sidebar, an opener to this folder path can be added automatically .

  • Apart from being able to cut, copy, paste files from local folders, drag and drop would be useful from Web widgets to File explorer and vice-versa to send and receive files to/from web sources (ex: Google drive, Dropbox, yousendit, etc). Thanks for considering this feature request.

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