Dashboard Tabs > Button to access Contextual Menu

  • @matt_0222 It seems that it's not clear enough that the tabs have the options in the contextual menu. Probably need to make the contextual menu accessible via a button on the tab? What do you think?

  • Yes - I think that would work well. Kinda like a little down arrow/triangle that opens up the tab options. I think there are too many menu options to split them out into multiple icons like you do on the web widgit so just an indication that there are additional menu options would be great.

  • @matt_0222 Thanks for the idea! Down arrow for calling the menu will be perfect! :) Added to the roadmap.

  • :heavy_check_mark: Done! The button is available in 1.2.0.

  • I have updated my Freeter. Where do I find this button? When I right click on a tab in my dashboard, the only option is 'open dashboard.' Sorry I don' follow.

  • @sykimsan It appears in Edit Layout mode.

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