Import/Export feature. Templates.

  • Hi, I know that there will be issues with this feature (picture and file/folder locations), but when working in two different machines, it could be nice to have the ability to move projects from one to another. Commander, Text, To-Do List and Webpage widgets can be 'moved' without problem, I think.
    May be a warning icon on the widgets that can't be moved to show they are not on sync could be enough to denote they need to be checked.

    Templates with common layouts could be a good thing to have too.

    Thanks for this pretty little app, it's awesome.

  • Hi,
    Check the Backup & Sync option on the Freeter settings (accessible via File menu on Win/Linux and Freeter menu on Mac). Probably that's what you're looking for. The file/dir paths aren't synced though. They are computer-specific and should be manually configured on each machine.

    That's a nice idea about templates - will implement it.

    Thanks for using Freeter! :raised_hands:

  • @alexk Thanks!!!

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