Custom styles & scripts

  • First of all congrats for Freeter! Great idea & execution 🙌

    I just thought that since it's based in Electron is should be relatively doable to offer the possibility of adding custom styles & scripts (in a per project basis, maybe?). Of course this would be a feature for advanced (& pro) users, but it would be nice to see what the community can achieve if we have a bit of space for hacks & customisations 😉

    Oh, and I've found the following similar requests…
    … which ask for that feature specifically for web widgets. I think technically this feature request is the same but with a wider scope.

    – Sergi

  • @sergimiral Thank you! :raised_hands:

    I agree, technically it looks similar, but it will be useless without providing an easy way to install the scripts/styles with a single-click as plugins from a repository. Shareable plugins will require a way more things to be built. I plan to implement Plugin API and the repository in Freeter 2.

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