First week suggestions

  • Been using Freeter on and off for about a week and noticed quite a number of things:

    1. Embedding applications. I know this might be complicated, but embedding application windows would be useful. Alternatively something like a freeter overlay to switch back to Freeter from said application, if you just want to implement application shortcuts instead.

    2. Time tracking. Timers or countdowns are already in, logical step now is time tracking, so you can track how long you have worked on which project and bill a customer for it.

    3. With time tracking would be useful to create teams, with managers and users. So that I could buy Freeter licenses for all my employees and see how long they work on which project and assign and share projects with them.

    4. Media player. Could probably use a fork of VLC or something of that nature for those who like to listen to music or have to watch through product demonstrations; For those who write articles on media publications for example.

    5. Remove the window border. This is a bit of a picky one, but the window border plus the top menu bar are a bit distracting. Either integrate the menu fully into the layout or create a custom window border that suits the overall style better.

    6. Simple tables would be useful, something to structure data in table format either through markup or html maybe. I keep pricing and customer information in table format, specifically excel so something to just copy that into would be useful.

    7. Smaller grid size and padding. If there is one thing I dislike about "modern" design it's the wasted space. For my taste there is too much space around tabs, icons and the like, the grid snapping is quite big too. I know it's standard these days, but a compact skin would be really useful.

    8. The window does not remember its position and size when started, this results in the window being maximized, which in turn causes the taskbar to cover the lower part. Due to my screen setup I like to keep applications in windowed mode and set lower height to fit above the taskbar. For some reason Freeter keeps maximizing.

    I am looking forward to future additions to Freeter. It could become really popular if features continue to be added and usability is improved further.

  • @Zetamex

    1. I think it's overkill and don't even believe that it's possible
    2. Sounds like a good idea and relatively easy to implement
    3. Not something I would use now but could be useful and not so hard to achieve
    4. This is a cool idea, but I would also like if instead of regular music, we have a widget for ambient sounds for rain, the wind, thunder, et cetera.
    5. I don't mind the borders
    6. I think this and many other issues can be resolved if the text widget becomes like a simple markdown notetaking app.
    7. The snapping is huge; I think there should be more sizes to chose from too.
    8. Yup

  • @Zetamex

    1. I agree with @Photon. That's overkill and seems impossible.
    2. There are many time tracking solutions with billing and invoicing available on the market. They can be embedded on Freeter dashboards with Webpage widget. Won't it work for you?
    1. Nice idea! Goes to my to-do list :)
    1. @Photon proposed a nice solution. @Zetamex what do you think?
    2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the grid size and padding. Grid customization options will be added on 0.14.
    3. I'll research and fix it before the upcoming release.


  • @alexk

    The problem with most time tracking applications is that unless they are "in your face" about it you can easily forget to turn them on and off again. Something up top you can easily click on just to track the amount of time would be enough, maybe something to detect if there is not keyboard and mouse input and ask the user via a tray icon popup if they want to continue tracking time.

    The issue with the window border plus the menu take up a good 10-20% of a normal 1080p screen and even more on smaller screens with scaling. I just don't like wasted space, the more compact the better, means more room for widgets and text. You could move the File, Edit ... buttons into a hamburger menu next to the project selector, that would quite a bit already :)

    Ultimately ambient music would be nice, I personally prefer listening to radio or my music collection, but I suppose as long as it can connect to m3u streams I'd take it. I just thought it might be neat to have it so it could automatically stop playback when certain applications are opened through shortcuts. Usability is what will draw people to Freeter, less clicks, more automation.

  • The window does not remember its position and size when started

    @Zetamex I just double-checked this on my machine and it launched at the same position/size as on the exit. Can you provide more details to help with reproducing the issue? It would be great if you could post two screenshots of your desktop with Freeter window: before the exit, and after the launch. And how do you perform the exit? Via the Main Menu > Exit or Tray Icon > Exit or ... ?


  • @alexk After a full app restart it goes to maximized again instead of staying at the size and position of the last session. Can probably be fixed by writing window position and size to file on shutdown.

  • @Zetamex How do you restart the app? Using the Exit button on Main / Tray menu?

  • @alexk X on the app then Exit on the tray icon menu

  • @Zetamex Got it. Please check the new version. Does it restore the window state after restart?

  • @alexk It does! Thank you.

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