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  • Hi, I'm Alex Kaul and I'm the maker of Freeter. I'll try to help out on any topic and look forward to seeing your feedback.

    Feel free to join me and introduce yourself, too! :)

  • Hi, I'm ed, I'm just a developer always looking for new and useful tools. Freeter promises to be an extremely useful one. So far so good, but things like integrated terminal is a biggie and would probably change my workflow. I love the versatility of Freeter, though; for one, I can set up any number of less tech-savvy clients/friends with the tools they need in one place, no matter what field they're in. It's a great idea. Keep on keeping on – I'm popping the word about!

  • Good day! I have a sleep problem for just over 2 months. It all started with one sleepless night, after that there was anxiety and fear, because earlier there were no problems with sleep. What to do? Living so hard, I'm afraid to get hooked on drugs and become a drug addict, while I take only ambien - it helps, but I want to leave the pills. In addition, I want to give birth to 1 more child, but with such a dream .. Tell me, how can I help myself now?

  • Hallo! Ich liebe:

    Die aktive Erholung
    Online-Spiele spielen
    seine Arbeit
    Ich habe einen Hund namens Mike! Er ist ein Labrador! Ich lebe in Deutschland und suche Mädchen, um haha ​​zu treffen :)
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