How secure safe is this?

  • Say I open web browsers, put in all my accounts through your portal... You could possibly see, or know they keys I'm typing going through your app. Now I suppose I have to trust Google / Chrome as well when I use their browser, but they have a big rep. Probably always good to use 2 factor and you don't have to worry about it, but is there a doc about this?

  • @danparker276 Freeter does not store your login credentials nor does it directly access your accounts on websites you visit. It is built on top of Electron which uses Chromium for embedding web browsers into the app. That means Freeter does not store any data you enter on websites. The only data that is stored are cookies and the browser cache - exactly as it is when using Chrome.

    For the keys you are typing, you may use a network sniffer app to analyze data sent by Freeter, and see that it doesn't collect the keys you press, nor sends them to any external servers.

    Freeter collects and sends only basic usage information to Google Analytics. This can be turned off via Freeter Settings.

  • @alexk I suppose one could always check with a network traffic sniffer, but cool. This product is the greatest thing ever. I to get the pro-version right away, got by moneys worth the first day. Thank you so much.

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