drag file to upload no longer working

  • I have a slack, and before the update, dragging a file inside slack for uploading worked just fine. But after the update, this feature no longer works. When I try to drag it, it just previews the file I'm dragging (for example, an image). Much like when you drag an image inside chrome in a new tab. Just like that. A preview. No more uploading

  • @sykimsan Thanks for reporting the issue! Which OS are you running Freeter on?

  • @sykimsan Just tried this on Windows - no probs. I first got a "Drop to upload" note while dragged an image over the widget, then after dropping I got "Upload a file?" modal dialog, and after pushing "Upload" it uploaded the file and posted to the channel.

  • I'm on Windows 10 x64. I've installed the latest update again and still the same issue.
    I've made a recording of it:

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