Where *NOT* Matching in File Explorer

  • TL;DR: The File Explorer has a very convenient way of specifying items to hide, and a way to specify items to highlight, but is "missing" a way to show only certain items and their directory contents.

    Use Case

    I keep all of my code organized neatly in a ~/Code directory, which allows me to easily find what I'm looking for. There are, however, many forks in this directory which I do not care about during day-to-day development. As part of my development dashboard, I'd like to be able to show only certain directories which apply to my daily development tasks.

    Furthermore, highlighting and hiding applies recursively to subdirectories. Were I to only show certain matches, it would not show the subdirectories. Maybe a ".gitignore-style" syntax is more in order that allows more specific glob-matching patterns?

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