Option to Follow Embeds or Unfurl Media

  • It took me all but 15 minutes to throw money at Freeter - this is an amazing app!

    I added a Burndown chart widget next to my Trello widget from https://www.burndownfortrello.com/ - unfortunately this site adds a whole lot of cruft when all I wanted to see was a chart. However, they offer the option of embedding an iframe and I managed to grab hold of a URL that shows just the chart using the iframe src attribute:


    This gave me an idea - why not add an option to "follow embeds" to the webpage widget configuration settings - when checked, Freeter will follow any links to embeds defined in the website's meta tags - first checking if there are any OEmbed links and falling back to Twitter/Facebook OG meta tags (as those would be the most common) or any other tags if possible - if not then just display the webpage.

    This setting could also be added to the Link widget configuration as "unfurl media" (which is terminology Slack users should be familiar with) that does basically the same thing for the link provided in the widget.

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