Local Static File Server for custom widget HTML/CSS/JS

  • If Freeter would run a static file server in the background, users could load their own CSS / JS / HTML as widgets that are served from this server.

    To give an idea of the flow:

    User clicks "Add Widget"
    User clicks "Custom"
    User is presented with a config screen where they can enter custom CSS, HTML and JS code and a name for their widget
    Once user has clicked "Done", Freeter adds the CSS/HTML/JS to a static file server under the path /<name>
    Freeter treats this widget the same as a website widget, except the code is local, not external

    Hope that made sense :)

  • At first glance it looks interesting. But one must have the possibility to set a port for the local file server, if it should react as a regular webserver (without any scripting features thou). Because some developers would have own local webserver runnings for test purpose already.

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