Embed application (console in particular)

  • It would be nice to be able to embed applications inside Freeter (similar to embedding web-pages). I think this may actually end up resolving a few of the other requests in this forum. A couple of examples:

    • embedded console - I'd like to have either ConEmu or a simple terminal (configurable, I'd use Git Bash on Windows). Ideally this would allow command line parameters to be added so that a default folder could be opened, or
    • embedded Emacs - I mainly use Emacs for Org Mode, as a to-do list; I suspect being able to embed arbitrary apps would allow people to use the to-do list app of their choice, so that Freeter can continue focusing on its core feature-set rather than trying to become the best to-do list or note-taking app. Again command-line params would be great so that Emacs could open/focus the correct org files by default.

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