Embed application (console in particular)

  • It would be nice to be able to embed applications inside Freeter (similar to embedding web-pages). I think this may actually end up resolving a few of the other requests in this forum. A couple of examples:

    • embedded console - I'd like to have either ConEmu or a simple terminal (configurable, I'd use Git Bash on Windows). Ideally this would allow command line parameters to be added so that a default folder could be opened, or
    • embedded Emacs - I mainly use Emacs for Org Mode, as a to-do list; I suspect being able to embed arbitrary apps would allow people to use the to-do list app of their choice, so that Freeter can continue focusing on its core feature-set rather than trying to become the best to-do list or note-taking app. Again command-line params would be great so that Emacs could open/focus the correct org files by default.

  • @nickc, embedding would be great but I doubt this is possible .. ConEmu/Cmder embedded would be ubber nice, even if no other regular apps are possible.

    The problem is that the underlying javascript technology (such as github electron) cannot do this .. yet

    See: Any way to embed apps? #4930

    And: Embed exe inside Electron #2438

    From the second link above:

    "You can use Enigma Virtual Box to embed other executables into electron.exe and run them using the child_process module."

    So, enigma virtualbox may present some possibilities, but it's not obvious or clear to me how this may be done.

    Hope the freeter devs are reading these feature requests, and taking notes. This feature alone will catapult freeter into a must have tool for power users, and perhaps take their revenue to google and amazon spheres .. :-)

    Nativefier is great but in the opposite direction: convert webapps to be launch-able as desktop apps .. Freeter is already doing this rather well.

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