Memory Leak?

  • After prolonged use of Freeter I frequently see memory usage at 20 out of 24GB of memory. When closing Freeter it drops to 7 to 8GB.
    According to taskmanager Freeter only consumes a few hundred megabytes. Either this is a combination with the other running applications or a hidden component is causing a memory leak within Freeter. This problem only occurs with Freeter running. One other coworker reported similar issues on Win10, I run Win7.

    1. How long do you use Freeter before you start seeing memory usage at 20GB?
    2. Can you open the task manager, sort processes by the memory consumption and tell which processes consume much memory?
    3. How many projects do you have in Freeter? How often do you switch between them?

  • @alexk

    Usually starts to be an issue after a couple of hours. I would say at like 4-5 hours of use and idling. The task manager does not show that memory leak at all. Sorting by high to low only shows firefox at 1gb, but the other processes do not add up to 20GB of usage. I only know it has something to do with Freeter because force quitting freeter frees up 10GB instantly. I only have one project open with a few websites, a couple todo-lists and one shortcut.

  • Hm. Can you send a screenshot of Task Manager?

  • @alexk Not much of a big leak today, have seen worse. This is while Freeter is running This after I shut the process down, you can see is freeing up 2GB of memory while the Freeter processes only use about 200mb

    I will keep monitoring maybe I can snap a more conclusive result.

  • I can also report memory leaks, as eventually the task manager pops up a dialog stating the app is using too much memory, asking me to close it. Sometimes it doesn't even do that and freezes up my whole system, requiring a reboot.

    system specs

  • @ccasalicchio Could you provide more info on your Freeter configuration? How many projects have you added? How many dashboards per each project? How many webpage widgets? Which web sites/apps do you use in the webpage widgets?


  • I have 3 projects, and two project have only one dashboard, the last has three. Two webpage widgets

    Here are the screenshots
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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