How-To Get Started Video

  • Hi everyone, I created a video to help anyone getting started with Freeter. It came about as I had a few people interested in the program but could not get their head around setting it up. I was invited to post a link here.

    I plan to make at least one more on commands and tools.

    Thanks and I hope it helps,

  • I enjoyed watching the video. I am very new to Freer. Looking forward to the next one. And, thanks for doing this.

  • @levelbest You are most welcome, thank you for the kind words. I am working on the second video and hope to have it done soon.

    Peter :)

  • This video was very helpfull, thank you. Can't wait for your next tutorial!

    A word to the developer of Freeter : Never ever have seen any other application around what could be compared and what has such a potential ToDo power.
    Finally, some Mac app to handle the workflows with all benefits of starting apps, online recources, planning, development, basic text notes and visual content or adding script. GREAT STUFF !!!

  • administrators

    @pwitham Great, great stuff Peter. Many thanks!

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  • Hi there. Your videos are very very useful. Thank you so much for this nice content on your channel. By the way, your channel on youtube is so nice how did get so many subscribers, I can't reach at least 50(( My friend recommended me a website where I can buy real subscribers on Youtube , but I don't know if it is a great idea. He says that the subscribers are real and there are about 5000 for $400. Is it worth it? Tell me please your opinion, I want to develop my channel but still don't know how to do it.

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