WebsiteWidget - mobile version

  • Like in title...
    When creating website widget - add checkbox 'use mobile version', or add ability to define own user agent.

    And Ad-blocking would be nice :)

  • Nice idea :bulb: To be able use more webapps on a dashboard we definitely need an option to force using of a mobile version (not sure if it should be enabled or disabled by default though). Any ideas on how it can be done technically? Just set some mobile user-agent in http requests? Maybe you have any quick examples of websites/apps which open a mobile version when accessing the same url on a mobile device? This will help to research how they decide which version to open and implement the feature in Freeter. Thank you! :raised_hands:

  • I'm not sure, but I think it depends only on user-agent.
    Vivaldi Browser (chromium based) can display mobile version of website in side panel...
    Youtube example:

  • Got it. Thanks for the screenshot! Played with Youtube. That's right. The mobile version opens based on user-agents. Going to implement the feature now.

  • Done! Will be available in the next version.

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