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  • Hello, and thank you for the great application!

    I've searched multiple places but haven't been able to find anything regarding proxy server support. My primary use for Freeter is within my corporate network, which requires all external traffic be directed through a proxy server. Is it possible to set proxy server settings, even with a manual edit to a config file?

    Thank you!

  • I too was surprised to find no proxy settings, in fact I was surprised that there is pretty much no ability to configure the browser settings at all. What about privacy settings etc? If it's a chromium wrapper then we should be able to configure the chromium instance used. chrome://settings pops a blank page.

  • The reasons for the appearance of free proxies can explained by incorrect proxy access settings by the local network administrator. The network administrator did not block access to the proxy from the Internet. Universities and educational institutions can also provide access through a proxy to the library of their university. In this case, the proxy gets into the list of public proxies from government organizations. If you are looking for german IPs especially if you need a package of 1000 you can navigate here.

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