ConEmu - Path Environment variable - "Windows cannot find ConEmu.exe..."

  • Hello,
    I am struggling with this for some days now. I am running Freeter 1.2.1 on windows 10 and I start to really like it. Thank you for this nice piece of work. But one thing is limiting the usability a lot and I can not figure out how to solve it.
    When in project settings I select ConEmu as console, I get a "Windows cannot find 'ConEmu.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again" error. The ConEmu path is both in the user PATH and in the system PATH and Freeter apparently can find it but it looks to me that once Freeter is trying to run any command, it has its own PATH environmen variable?
    When I do a commander widget and just run ConEmu.exe, from the default cmd, I also get a ConEmu.exe is not recognized as an internal command...
    When I run conemu.exe from cmd manually or just from windows+r (run), it works as expected. The odd thing is that Freeter obviously knows about ConEmu being installed, otherwise it wouldn't give me the option to select it, no?

    EDIT: Maybe it is worth noting, that the ConEmu executable is located in a folder with white spaces in the path.

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