Desktop file not available to use with plank/docky/lxpanel/tint2/etc

  • I've wanted to use freeter and be able to save its icon so that its very easy to restart from my plank (plank is a launcher in linux [1]) so I've ended up adapting freeter's own desktop file. This is at ~/.local/share/applications/appimagekit-Freeter.desktop, and needs the last three lines adding. My complete desktop file is here -

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Freeter for Linux
    Exec=/home/boudiccas/programmes/appimage/Freeter.AppImage %U
    X-AppImage-Comment=Generated by /tmp/.mount_LJ6jmt/AppRun
    Name[en_GB]=Freeter Pro

    Obviously you change things in lines 4 and 11 to suit your situation, and add the last three lines but changing line 14 if you're not a pro user to just -


    And now its working perfectly.


  • Million thanks for sharing this ..

    I use dockbarx (in xfce) and as long as you can launch an app, you can just right click on the icon of the running app and pin it to the panel. Take a look at dockbarx ..

    Dockbarx supports other window managers (like mate, gnome, etc) .. See also dockbarx on launchpad ..

    Dockbarx has a nice GUI for customizing (unlike plank), and can group multiple windows from the same app.

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