Is further Freeter development still planned?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if Alex continues to further develop and support Freeter? I've noticed a lack of responses here lately and didn't get a response to a direct PM/chat sent a few weeks ago.

    I have quite a few ideas that could possibly make the app even better than it already is (already great). Plus, there's some stuff on the roadmap I am really counting on being implemented as well.

    Just curious, since Freeter has really become a cornerstone of my work process (I use it as the top window on a full screen 90% of the day), and from what I have seen, it would be irreplaceable if discontinued...

    Pro version user here BTW. I know this isn't exactly a feature request other than a plea for the continued life of an amazing product, but I'm posting in this section because it seems to be the most used.


  • @richardtsplett I sure hope so - I noticed Alex changed the text regarding the next release of the Roadmap thread from "Next Release: End of June" to "Next Release: TBA" recently. Being the sole developer of a product is a daunting task - perhaps we can help spread the word about Freeter again and bring in some new pro users to help motivate him? :)

  • I really hope so. love this app. a real game changer for me. I'm hoping for the search facility in the web app as this would seriously help my workflow.
    I hope everything's ok with the project. It has worried me a little that the last two roadmap releases have passes without the magic "an update is available" message greeting me when opening Freeter. :/

  • @richardtsplett I also like this application very much - there doesn't seem to be anything similar out in the market. Hopefully it doesn't die, maybe he will make it open source.

  • First of all I hope that Alex is well. And yes, it would be great if the Freeter development continued. No need to hurry, but riding a dead horse isn't a good feeling...

    I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • I see his profile shows active from time to time, but no posts at all (for example, it shows he was active 3 days ago by the time of this post). I hope we can see further development, even if is slow, as long as is not abandoned

  • Today I got an offer for Freeter Pro from Mighty Deals. Let's hope this brings in enough money for further development...

  • Sure hope so.

    I have to admit I'd never heard of Freeter until I saw the MightyDeals promotion this morning. But after downloading and trying the free version for 15 minutes, I was sold. Purchased the Pro version and look forward to future development (although frankly, it seems to do exactly what I need right now).

    Definitely something I'd recommend to other developers, too.

  • @Enigma I hope so too. I've touted it around at work and a few people have jumped on board at the absolute bargain. Would be such a shame if dev stops on it @alexk ;)

  • @Enigma Im one of the people that never heard of freeter before and jumped on from the mighty deals deal.. A little concerned reading a lot of posts that it may be semi abandoned, but at least I did my little part to support :)

  • I guess this is the answer. Dev is obviously cutting and running with the MightDeals deal being a last ditch effort to grab some cash.

    Quote from above:

    Seller's Notes


    Freeter enables to gather all the things you need for work in one place and have quick access to them.

    Intro article:

    Overview video:

    I have been running Freeter as a side project and have decided that I don't have resources required to take this where it has the potential to go.

    Traffic in March-April

    In March I announced Freeter release on Hacker News: The post got to HN homepage and that resulted in lots of visitors and mentions on other resources:

    App users

    Most users are developers/designers. Please check the attachments below for numbers.

    Revenue reports

    Please check the attachments below.

    Upcoming MightyDeals promo

    There is an agreement with MightyDeals to launch a promo campaign for Freeter, scheduled to run at the beginning of August. This will probably bring more new users.

    Monetization method

    There are two versions of Freeter: Free and Pro. Free has some feature limitations. In order to use the app without the limits, users should buy Pro license, which costs $29/license.

    Technologies used

    Freeter is built on top of web technologies: HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Typescript, and turned into the desktop app using Electron.

    What's included

    Everything related to Freeter. Domain, website, forum, all source codes, twitter account.

  • @Moon-pie Actually looks like the flippa deal closed almost a month ago, so probably the new owner? Hopefully to re-invest into the product.

  • Real shame that it didn't generate enough revenue to be viable for @alexk Hopefully the new owner will continue development. if not, guess we will have to use this long enough until we can make our own. The genie is out of the bottle with the concept. it's a sound one which I personally use every day. There were just a few items missing that would have made it perfect which I was hoping was in development.

    Fingers crossed for a new dev to take over and realise the potential.

  • Too bad. So sad. Apple no longer provides Devtools free. I am not a programmer so I am not sure I could build something like Freeter for my own use. If others have tips or suggestions on this, please share. I have already left many comments and suggestions here. Apparently, if this is a dead horse, I should stop beating it. I bought it just last week too. Oh well. At least I bought it on the deal sale.

  • @levelbest It's still very useful as it is, without any further dev work happening on it but it's been sold so I'm hoping the new devs will be able to push it on and realise the potential :)

  • @FreeterBeAwesome Yes, I agree. It is still very useful. I wasn’t sure if it was still supported or not as I only discovered Freeter two weeks ago. Most of the features I would like to see involved integration with the modern MacOS. I assume that Windows environments would be similar - if not in coding at least in concept. Most of what I would like to see improved would be the file explorer having more search options to show or hide a file in it. At the very least in addition to if name contains, add if created or opened before a date, one color, if it contains a tag, another color, etc.

    The $64 dollar question is, what doe the new owner have in mind going forward? I didn’t mind paying the fee and I suppose I wouldn't complain too much if I had paid full price last week. It's sort of a cool product and you just want to support those kinds of ideas (or I do).

  • Just realized I can't add google Allo to freeter, it seems it need to be compiled with latest electron.

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    After starting this thread on June 30th, I am happy to announce that I finalized the purchase of Freeter today and am the new owner of the project.

    Further development won't be instant, but it is most definitely planned.

    Thank you all for your posts in this thread and elsewhere in the forum. It was the fervor and enthusiasm here that allowed me to see the opportunity (I hope) in taking this over. I am taking note of each feature request and bug report and prioritizing a plan of action.

    I will be posting short and long term plans for Freeter by early next week.

    Stay tuned.

    PS: The forum went down during the server migration, and I restored a previous image. If any of your posts were lost, please feel free to post again.

  • @joshs That's good news. I've been recommending it on other threads and using it full time. Thanks for updating us here.

  • @joshs excellent!

  • @joshs Hey Josh. So glad you bought this! Just discovered it, and really love it. I work in the startup space, but I'm non-technical. Really feel like the utility of Freeter for non-technical people has been undersold. It's great. Check out the rave reviews this app, Station, recently got on Producthunt. I find Freeter to be 10X more useful and a far more mature product. With the right marketing and presentation, you could blow those guys out of the water!! Looking forward to watching / helping you grow!

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