Is further Freeter development still planned?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if Alex continues to further develop and support Freeter? I've noticed a lack of responses here lately and didn't get a response to a direct PM/chat sent a few weeks ago.

    I have quite a few ideas that could possibly make the app even better than it already is (already great). Plus, there's some stuff on the roadmap I am really counting on being implemented as well.

    Just curious, since Freeter has really become a cornerstone of my work process (I use it as the top window on a full screen 90% of the day), and from what I have seen, it would be irreplaceable if discontinued...

    Pro version user here BTW. I know this isn't exactly a feature request other than a plea for the continued life of an amazing product, but I'm posting in this section because it seems to be the most used.


  • @richardtsplett I sure hope so - I noticed Alex changed the text regarding the next release of the Roadmap thread from "Next Release: End of June" to "Next Release: TBA" recently. Being the sole developer of a product is a daunting task - perhaps we can help spread the word about Freeter again and bring in some new pro users to help motivate him? :)

  • I really hope so. love this app. a real game changer for me. I'm hoping for the search facility in the web app as this would seriously help my workflow.
    I hope everything's ok with the project. It has worried me a little that the last two roadmap releases have passes without the magic "an update is available" message greeting me when opening Freeter. :/

  • @richardtsplett I also like this application very much - there doesn't seem to be anything similar out in the market. Hopefully it doesn't die, maybe he will make it open source.

  • First of all I hope that Alex is well. And yes, it would be great if the Freeter development continued. No need to hurry, but riding a dead horse isn't a good feeling...

    I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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