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  • I just discovered Freer after searching MacUpdate. It seems almost mythical in that, with my learning disabilities I have been wanting something like this for a very long time. But, now that I am trying it out I am finding one or two major missing bits. I am hopeful that, either these parts are already there and I have not understood how to set this up yet or, there are just a couple of (very important) bits not yet included - not sure why?

    First project I set up a file structure to see the files that I am associating with that project. Good so far. But, first, there is no quicklook or preview available which I normally use to see if I am opening the correct file. And second, I can set up some apps that I normally use for the project (writing apps in this case, Pages, Scrivener - Word is greyed out and wont allow inclusion in the Freer apps menu). But, if I wanted to drag one of the files to the dock and drop it on a particular app, I cannot do this. Freer apparently will not allow me to drag a file in its file structure widget.

    I don't quite understand the usefulness yet of looking at a PDF file in the file structure then, knowing I need to open Acrobat to edit that file. But, I can't open that file in Acrobat (unless I decide to open all PDFs in Acrobat which is overkill). I can't just take that file and drag and drop it on the Acrobat icon in the dock. How then am I supposed to do this in Freer? First I open Acrobat in the apps menu and then use Adobe to search for the file that is already in front of me?

    And then there are the projects I have to work on involving my photography, and my music. In both cases the app I want to use to edit a file is going to be one of several depending on the work I still need to do on the file. For this to be useful it needs not just to give me a dashboard - which is a brilliant idea by the way, but I still need to actually work with the files as I am finding them.

    I must be missing something here. Loving the idea of this app and will purchase it straight away - IF - I can get this to work in the ways that I have just mentioned. Feedback is appreciated.

    Again, this is a great idea.

  • Update to my own post.

    Sorry to be so wordy here. As I mentioned earlier, organization has been a sever challenge to me for a very long time. I can't help getting a little excited about it. ;-)

    I am getting a better understanding of what Freeter is, and what is isn't. It works the same on Macs and Windows because it uses Java or some other code that allows this. It is not separately developed for Mac and for Windows. Therefore, I won’t expect to use OSX tricks such as quicklook or drag and drop - unfortunately.

    I found that I can right click on a list of files and launch them with any app I want to use. I see there is a widget for Google calendar but I prefer to keep my calendaring on Macs ICS - and I haven’t seen a widget or a way to do that yet.

    Freeter appears to be mainly focused on using the web. There is a blurb on how to use Word on this site which suggests hooking into Words online registry and using online Word in Freeter. I do use the web quite a bit. But for the moment my projects use the web only for research and resources. Imagine working on a legal case and all the briefs, witnesses, evidence and research that has to occur and you will have an idea. Lots to be done online and a ton of ideas to organize and to stay on top of but the case is still written locally on my drive.

    I am interested in setting up such a device (as Freeter) but using local disk calendars, apps, and OSX tricks (dragging, quicklook, etc.). Wondering off the top of my head about using Keyboard Maestro to set up a work space of all apps I want to use for a project and resizing each window to create the same idea .... Still not as good as Freeter and it’s storing of web sites and easy file reference though.

    In any case, I am still very happy to see this app. I am looking forward to the next video that is being produced as to how to use Freeter.

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