Two Tech issues noticed:

  • Two Tech issues noticed [On the Mac side, Sierra]:

    1. Adding an Image Widget says ;“Drag & Drop an image from your computer or a website here.” Except that, it wont recognize a drag and drop action. I can still get there by clicking on the field and then searching for an image . I cannot actually drag & drop an image as the instructions say.

    2. Toolkit. There is a glitch when trying to add a program to the Toolkit menu. When you click to add an app and you navigate to the app folder and actually find the app, no problem. But, when you add an app and type in the app in the search bar (which is faster than navigating to the apps folder and is my default way to do this) some of the apps come up to be added such as Pages and Scrivener. Other apps come up and remain greyed out (Word, Acrobat) so they cannot be added in this way.

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