Toolkit and Links should match Projects instead of being global.

  • I am still getting to know this world of Freeter. I am liking it a lot. But I can't understand why the toolkit and the links are set as global resources? Perhaps there could be a preference or an option setting somewhere to make a link local or global? I am using Freeter to focus on a project. It is a beautiful thing to put all my related links for that project in the Links menu. But, with two or more projects with different web sites - because they have a a different focus, the links menu starts to fill with too many sites that are not focused on my current project.

    It is the same thing with the Toolkit. I do not use the same tools for every project. Some of my projects are in the realm of writing, some legal, some photography as a business, some music. Each project in each category relies on specific tools. I like the idea of having so many things so close. But focus is really the point of this suggestion.


  • First of all the app is great :-) !
    I second this request for the Toolkit as it is filling up quickly with the different projects I am working on and sometimes I only need 4 apps and have to scroll through 20 so that is time consuming and distracting and not as effective as the global settings possibility you have in other aspects of your app. So please give the Toolkit and links the possibility to match the projects they are used for!


  • I also agree with this. It would be much better for each project to show applications and links that relate to only that particular project, not all projects.

  • administrators

    Makes sense and thanks for the feedback. Adding this to the plans in some form, possibly as a toggle in the settings menu.

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