Explanation of the Command Widget and examples

  • Hello everybody,

    I am a total beginner in the use of Freeter and would like to have explained the Command Widget with some examples.

    Can you enter cmd commands into the command widget, for example, and then run them?

    Any help, gladly with explanatory screenshots is very welcome.

    Thanx for your time and have a nice day,

    Thomas / Germany

  • I second that. On OSX I tried putting i a command that would work directly in Terminal. The first time I tried this it gave an error saying I had not put in a project directory. Somehow it must have figured this out (I didn't understand how). Now, putting in standard terminal commands seems to work.

    So, error on project directory aside, standard OSX terminal commands seem to work.

    say hello


  • Hi ls,

    thanx for quick response.

    I work with a win10 pc and I`m interested to get an idea how to use the command widget and how it works on a windwows system. ( Your reply : Now, putting in standard terminal commands seems to work.) Is it the same procedere on a windows machine with the cmd commandline interpretor? Any workflow examples for a newbie are highly welcome...

    Regards to all here in the freeter area.

  • This is not really an answer, we will have to get one from a Windows person. But just FWIW, in OSX Terminal is an app that is standard on the Mac. Mac is all about GUI interface which is nice. But it is also based on Unix and using Terminal with bash commands can do a great deal of things and can even be destructive to the uninitiated.

    I am not afraid to use Terminal commands when following someone’s instructions but I generally keep it as a big tool I only get out when absolutely necessary. I can see there are programmers using Freeter. To them it probably makes better sense using commands. For my use it is something that if I had the option in preferences I would probably just do away with (hide). And yes, that is because I don't really understand it's usefulness of command lines in a day to day workflow.

    My work is all about organizing and staying organized as I try my best not to get totally lost in a project. Of course, I am always willing and interested to learn more. To me it is all about keeping all the parts together, building a plan, and staying focused.

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