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  • I have noticed that Freeter does not load without an active internet connection, is that a normal behavior? If it is would the developer consider the fact that even in this day and age the probability of having to work without or with limited access to the internet is still a common occurrence.

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    Thank you for your message, we do require on this stage an active internet connection.
    We will definitely consider making it fully offline.

  • Offline or Online, both opportunities are very important to use freeter in the future for sure....

  • Yes, Freeter is used both ways. I have the impression from the former developer of Freeter after viewing his examples, that Freeter was developed with online and web specific development projects in mind. That is all well and good.

    But I see Freeter as a mostly local desktop application. That is how I use it. I still like the ability to use web links as I use a lot of research tools. But the real value in Freeter as far as I can tell is in allowing those of us who had no real way of putting all the parts of a project in one place, a way to do just that.

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    This is great feedback. Thanks for the input. My top priority is furthering the online integrations and usability, but I definitely see the use cases where it's mostly for local use (and completely offline use at times).

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