Edit online docs/notes within Freeter?

  • I'm brand new to Freeter, and I've put a Google doc link in a web site widget with the hope that i could edit the document from within Freeter. However, is appears this is not possible, and whenever I open the document in my browser, the finished version of the document displays -- not the editable version.

    Please note that I did use a document link with permissions specifically set for editing, but even that did not make a difference.

    In light of this, I'm wondering if I'm trying to do something that is not possible? Or, if there's something i need to do differently?

    Or, is there another online document or note program that can be edited from within Freeter?

    I will be looking forward to feedback from those of you with more experience than I -- and, in the meantime, I apologize in advance if this question has already been addressed elsewhere in this forum. (With a quick search, I couldn't find the relevant details.)


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