Error on Fedora 26

  • Hello!
    I have Freeter as a paid verison and I have been using it on Ubuntu without any problems. But since switching to Fedora 26 I get an error message when I try to start Freeter via terminal.
    installed: X-AppImage-Version=1.2.1 image: X-AppImage-Version=1.2.1
    /tmp/.mount_ASzJ1I/usr/bin/Freeter: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

    I have given the file right permissions, I have installed a package for a screensaver libXScrnSaver in which the is supposed to be. I have tried to run the AppImage from /home and /usr/share

    But I cannot get it to run. Is there anyone out there who knows how to fix this issue?

  • I have found a workaround so I wanted to tell everyone about it. Apparently there is something wrong with the repos for Fedora, Redhat and CentOS. But by installing the Atom app and updating it you will get the right version of on your system. And Atom is small and great btw.

    sudo dnf copr enable mosquito/atom
    sudo dnf install atom

    After that directly update Atom unsing
    rpm -Uvh --nodeps atom-1.12.7.x86_64.rpm

    Starting Freeter with dubble clickling doesn't work but by running ./Freeter.AppImage in commandline does open Freeter and it seem to work without any crash or other issues.

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