Light vs Dark Theme

  • I prefer the dark them. It is easier on my eyes as I have Freeter running all the time now. The text in the text and the todo fields are not enough of a contrast to do me much good so I have not been using them very much.

    I am now trying the light theme and I found immediately that the Highlighting Rules in the File Explorer use colors that work well enough on the dark them but which really are not very good at all on the light theme. If you don't believe me, try a yellow highlight.

    My suggestion to the new developer is that there needs to be a recognition of the need to improve highlight using the light theme.
    It would also be nice to look at changing the contrast in the text in the text and todo fields in dark theme.

    ADDED: @administrators
    I see this also applies to the tab text. It was much too difficult to read in dark mode. I never realized how hard it was until I started using the light mode. Now I can actually read the tabs names.

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