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  • @joshs As you have been open about feature requests, here is another that I would like to see.

    Internal Linking. I currently have 14 Freeter Projects set up. Some of those projects are getting extra tabs. Freeter is fulfilling a void in my inability to keep track of the many different projects that I am doing. I am using a Mac tool, TaskPaper, to track all my work efforts on a project. TaskPaper is a simple but also robust outliner that allows me to apply tags and so easily track priorities within a project. Every project I have in Freeter has a file launching button for my TaskPaper document.

    But Freeter is going to stay as my bedrock for staying on track with all the ways my project pieces swirl together, a web page for looking up research, a file explorer or two for staying focused on the files I am using on that project.

    Given that, I have decided to have a project named "Console". Like operating a single console to manage an entire bank of main frame computers and all the other things which need to be attended to, a console as I have imagined it, is a concept that makes some sense to my brain.

    But, there is no global way that I am aware of, to use Freeter to actually stay focused on each project in a systematic way. At least, not from a particular Freeter project. I am hoping that you would consider implementing some way of making internal links within Freeter. With internal linking I could use the main console project, track notes of my progress with the various projects and, best of all, click on an embedded internal link to bring me to that project to work on it?

    This could also be used to go to a tab on a project. This could be very useful as the benefit of many tabs allows additional notes and todos for different aspects of a project. But, oh that brain. Out of sight, out of mind is far too often a problem, at least it is for me. It would be nice (useful) if, on the main tab of a project, I could put in a button to link to specific tabs in the same project so that what is there is no longer hidden.

    Yes, there are already tabs that you can remember to explore. But I find that making things easier when you are viewing one area by providing a quick visual label and link to another important part of your work area, is quite a useful thing.

    I will put in another post that, switching back to light from dark view in Freeter now allows me to actually see my tabs. I liked the dark view better but seeing the tabs text is hard to do in dark theme mode. That is at least part of the reason I am asking to put an internal link to tabed areas. Specific ones of course - not all of them. There is already tabs to look at (as long as you are not in dark mode).

    I can't complain as the pull down project menu and the overall design of Freeter and what it gives me already is well worth it. I offer these ideas as feedback for improvement but I in no way wish to complain about what Freeter already allows.

    Thanks for listening.

  • administrators

    Thanks for the feedback. I think some slight UI changes with tabs may do the trick and keep things simple, but interlinking may be explored a bit later.

  • Yes! I need an internal URL scheme also.

    ..or better..

    Loving the flexibility of Freeter.

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