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  • I think this has been suggested before, I just turned a corner and came across it face to face so, it's worth a mention.

    I am now using Freeter, and TaskPaper. I have to make a decision now about how my keepping track of my projects will progress. I prefer to keep the active development; todos, tasks, and notes, in TaskPaper. But the progression markers (beginning, middle, and end) I want to keep in Freeter using the text fields. Unfortunately the text fields in Freeter have zero styling capabilities so it is not possible to bold a word, set a list, indent a line, etc.

    For Freeters text fields to work for me, this is really going to need to be addressed. Keeping track of progress with a project, beginning, middle, and end - wise, just seems to be common sense. Yes, you can enter un-styled notes but really, why would you want to do that? Highlighting text isn't just for kicks. It is for visual cues and a seeing clear (concise) layout when showing something important, like progress on a project.

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    @levelbest Thanks for your continued feedback. Text styling for widgets will be added to the upcoming/updated roadmap.

    Note: I understand that having the documents and text locally is important to many. For those of you who want to store notes in the cloud, onenote, evernote, and others provide styling abilities now.


  • @joshs Happy to help. Thanks for listening. And yea, I can work in the clouds but I am still old school, I prefer the ground. I use Freeter for organizing all the work I have to do assembling a project. I used to work on technical proposals. They always had a version you worked on such as pink team review, gold team review, etc. Being able to capture the directories I am working with and linking the files to launch that I am using in the project, and setting up links to sites I am creating, using, or researching, is really very useful.

    Nothing wrong with cloud based solutions in Freeter. I am just not using them very much - YET. I will probably get more into that at some point. Even so, to me this is still about local organization of my work-flow process.

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