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  • I appreciate seeing the Freeter menubar icon in my system menubar. Except that, it is only there when Freeter is running. That is good for when Freeter is not the front app or simply another way to get to the project menu in Freeter. But what it does not do is stay available when Freeter is off.

    I would like to see the menu icon stay active even when Freeter has quit. I have become so dependent on using Freeter that Freeter is running quite a bit of the time. But after a long days work I do actually turn off Freeter. But what happens when I remember something when Freeter is off? Especially when you have one of those fleeting thoughts? You want to get to the app to deal with the thing you are thinking about quickly. You don't even want to do the extra mental steps of typing in "free", hitting enter, navigating the menu, and getting started. Much nicer to just go up to the menubar, pull down the project associated with your thought, and when it launches, do your thing.

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    In Windows, it's possible to drag-and-drop app shortcuts onto the taskbar to be there when inactive, but I'm not sure if there is a Mac equivalent. I think this is more OS-related than app-realted.

  • @joshs In the Mac world, apps that do this usually have the option in their preference settings to have the menubar app stay active when the program has quit. I am posting a screen shot to illustrate this from my main calendaring app, BusyCal.

    As it mentions in the grey text near the bottom, it uses what in Mac parlance is called a "helper application” to do this. In the Mac world, helper applications are used at startup to provide services for the app even if the app is not yet running such as activating a menubar icon for the app.

    A user can easily go into startup preferences and disable helper applications or enable them individually.

    I don't know a lot about how to program this. Here is a reputable source if you were interested in a further discussion of the idea: How to create a helper application for Mac App to start it on user login

    0_1506095984759_BusyCal Men bar.png

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