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  • I use Keyboard Maestro, a very robust macro utility on the Mac side. I can tell Freeter to open and simulate a click on the project menu. Then, I can arrow down a certain amount for a specific project to open.

    The problem with this is that, whatever project I have open - when I close Freeter, is going to be the same project when I reopen it. And that means that there is no way to use the process I have just described to launch a specific project in Freeter. This is because I would need to keep the same number of down arrows for every time I opened Freeter to get to the same Project in the Freeter Project menu.

    To do this it would need either;

    a) a reset to selection of the top level project on every reopening of Freeter (so the macro commands would apply consistently) or,

    b) adding a search field so that the project name could be typed or pasted into that field, thereby taking you to the correct project on opening Freeter.

    I could probably do this already using screen positioning of the courser after clicking on the Project pull down menu, but it seemed worth the time to offer the suggestion to search for a project to open with in Freeter.

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    I'm not familiar with Keyboard Maestro, but what about assigning a shortcut to each project within Freeter within the Manage Projects menu and then have Keyboard Maestro execute the desired command after opening Freeter?

    Note: up to 9 project shortcuts using function keys (or more if you are able to wrangle Keyboard Maestro to handle rotation).

  • @joshs Thanks, I hadn't noticed the shortcuts feature yet. Yes, this solve solve the problem.

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