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  • This is a recap and a bit of an expansion of a point I made back before the ownership of Freeter development changed over. I still feel it to be an important point so I will restate it here.

    When you use Freeter for many different projects and most of the projects you work on have different web references and research parameters, then the Links menu quickly becomes overloaded and frankly, useless. I am now working on a legal case with the VA, on a book, on medical issues, on music, on ministry, on various proposals, etc. Almost every project needs to capture links relevant to that project.

    Because of this, my current method to work around this is to put a link widget on each project page for each connection I want to go back to on each project. It would be much easier if the links menu focused only on the Project being viewed. Then I wouldn’t have to keep copy and pasting and to reset each new link to a different widget.

    My suggestion here is that the Links menu not be a global resource but instead that it becomes project specific (project-centric), and tied to each project.

    I can also understand the argument why the Links menu is now set up as global. If you use Freeter for only developing similar projects and most of those projects are using the same web resources, then it makes sense that once you find a link, you would want that link available to all projects. When doing web development, that would include GitHub or your chosen back end project manager or your go to web (code) development software, user forums for that process or software, etc.

    It would make sense to set it up in a way so that those who do share a lot of web links and resources doing similar projects all the time - but for different clients, could also take advantage of the current global idea of sharing all available links through the Links menu. I can't think of a way to do this at the moment so that Links could be both global and Project-centric. Perhaps a setting in preferences, perhaps a way to copy links to reuse on each projects links menu, or perhaps a second project links menu? I don't know, but it seems worth thinking about.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Adding a project-specific links option similar to the global option is under consideration.

  • @joshs Yay!

  • Great!! And don't forget to include the Toolkit in this consideration too :-)

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