Allow to preserve web-pages across different projects

  • Just wanted to write it here. I have already discussed this with you @alexk .

    I really want an option to let my web pages preserved and kept open across different projects. My use case for this is I want to get notifications from webpages which are in different projects. When I switch a project, the webpages in other projects are just destroyed (killed/closed) while I want to keep them opened and in memory. So I can get desktop notifications from them.

  • Being able to force a page to remain in memory for the purposes of notifications and websockets would indeed be useful.

    Moreover, when you switch tabs and load a browser widget page, it should populate a blurred version of what was last there as a placeholder while the page loads. Everything looks so nice and polished overall but the first few seconds of a tab full of browsers looking at a bunch of white boxes is kind of irksome. Even if the page background was dark grey to start that would be a good first step.

  • There are a handful of sites which require reauthentication when close and then opening again, so this would really be great, to leave pages "open" even if hidden.

    Other sites require quite some time to load, or they have a significant utility offline.

  • Agreed, this option would be great. It'd probably suck up a ton of RAM, but I'd be willing to opt in for certain types of pages.

    Freeter would feel ridiculously fast if I could switch projects and all the embedded pages loaded immediately. It'd be worth the memory tradeoff for me.

  • Added to the roadmap. It will be a priority feature to work on after the upcoming release 1.1. So ideally it will be implemented by 1.2.

  • Spent much time playing with many different scenarios. I found out that getting notifications from webpages of a "not-current" project will be against Freeter design which is based on an idea of staying focused on a project. Also it will make it easy to pollute cpu/memory with tons of always-launched webpages (especially when duplicating projects/dashboards). If there are webpages that are part of many workflows, they should be placed outside the dashboards. Here are mockups of a concept I came with:

    1. Rename the Webpages tab on the top bar into Links, and add Webpages toggle button to the top right corner.

    2. When the Webpages button is pressed, it extends the bar down and shrinks the dashboards area. The bar extension will host webpage tabs.

    3. The plus button adds a webpage tab.

    4. Webpage tabs display favicons.

    5. When you move the mouse over a tab, it works the same way as tabs on the top bar - keeps it open while the mouse pointer inside of it.

    These webpages are visually not associated with any project/dashboard and will be kept launched when you switch between projects and dashboards.

    What do you think?

  • @maedoc To resolve the reauth on close issue, Remembering Passwords was added to the roadmap.

  • @jacquesc For the issue you mentioned I think of an application setting for changing the dashboard loading strategy. Currently when you switch to a project it only renders one dashboard, the other dashboards are rendered when you access them. The new strategy could be rendering all dashboards at once, when you switch to a project. This will make project switching X times slower, but afterwards all the project's dashboards will be in-memory and can be shown without lags.

  • @alexk may be this way can work too. looking forward for it. but i would like an icon to switch to fullscreen for a webpage. just like the current implementation.

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