Key Trigger

  • It would be useful if Freeter had a widget that was just for triggering a key stroke with or without modifier keys.

    I am using Freeter as my base of operations for each project. I am using a Mac text based organizing tool (TaskPaper) for managing my actions and tasks on a project. When I am on a Project in Freeter, I want to have a widget to click on to launch TaskPaper and open to that Projects actions.

    Without a widget or a way to trigger a key stroke from within Freeter I cannot do this. What I am imagining is that each widget would have whatever keystroke you assigned to it. It is up to your set up of your own key bindings on your own system if that key stroke actually does something or not. All I am asking is for Freeter to have the capacity to make a key stoke of my own choosing so that I can trigger an external macro that will help my Freeter project connect with external apps.

    I do a lot of work using a system wide macro application on the Mac side using Keyboard Maestro. I am sure there are many macro utilities on the Windows side as well.

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