File Explorer, Highlighting Rules, and Workflow

  • @joshs As I become more aware of how Freeter works and what my workflow needs, I would like to suggest two different ideas as solutions to the same issue. One, is improvements to the File Explorer and the other, is improvements to File Explorer Highlighting Rules.

    As I work through a project, depending on how complex it is, I might have to visit many areas on my drives for the files that I need to see while I complete the project.

    I have learned the hard way that I must maintain a folder structure as a library and when I create projects that are using the same files as other projects, I need to use an alias (shortcut on the Windows side) to populate the new project folder.

    A current example of this is a case I am now making to the Veterans Administration (VA) for medical assistance. I have made several arguments with the VA already. Each argument (each case) needs to be completed as a separate project. But the medical and legal files that I will reference for each new project, need to stay in their respective medical folders.

    For workflow ideas, in a Freeter project, I need three things. 1) I need to continue to review what the File Explorer shows as undone work or at least, gives me access to the work I want to do, 2) I need the space and layout to actually do the work (see my earlier comment about setting up a key stroke to trigger external app process from within Freeter), and 3) I need to set up a File Explorer to watch the document as it comes into completion and to review my work. Please note that in step three as I have explained it, this is very much what File Explorer does already. It is very useful for this and I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with this current behavior for the File Explorer. I am merely suggesting an improvement or an expansion as I have outlined.

    Given this, in the first point, 1) it would be very helpful if there was a File Explorer widget that could be set to a local saved search folder, or could search for system tags. I don't know if the Windows world uses metadata tags as much as people do on the Mac side, but using tags has become quite standard by now on the Mac. This presumes of course that before the Project is set up and the File Explore becomes useful in this way, I would have already been applying tags to my files.

    It would also be useful if in the File Explorer, Highlighting Rules parameters could be expanded for more than the files name. As it is now when I have finished working on a file, I have to open the folder the File Explorer is showing, add “done” to the file name, so that my File Explorer Highlight for “Name” contains “done” will then apply a half tone color to it so I can continue to concentrate on the rest of the files that are still to be done.

    Additions to the Highlight Rules might include; label is, tag is, modified in the past (xxx) time, etc.

    I appreciate that you are open to user feedback.

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