How to sync Freeter across computers?

  • Is it possible to sync Freeter across multiple computers? I know that it isn't a web based software but is it possible to save it to Dropbox, Google Drive and open it on another machine.

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    Yes, it is possible. Click File on the menu bar, and then go to Settings. Under the "Back up and sync" heading, you will see an explanation of how the feature functions. I would recommend making a copy of your main backup upon first setting a custom backup folder (before syncing another computer to the same folder).

  • lol... have you tested this 'feature' ?

    I highly doubt it. Freeter fails to work as stated...and even then, it bleaches links to files and other freeter components..even when then file/etc exists in the path.

    AKA: I don't think Freeter is even BETA quality. ..and it's above Version 1. shrugs

    THE ONLY way I have been able to get projects form one system to another... is by copying the install's appdata Roaming Directory. ..and it's cluttered and unkept. Sloppy.

    EVERY SINGLE project is set to use a special folder..and each folder is empty.

    Freeter is freeeeeeeeking beta...dude.

  • So,...
    windows -> windows, I had to copy appdata/roaming/freeter folder.
    Freeter then had my images,data etc... while all of the settings I had for using CLoud space..were ignored besides for a Freeter.FreeterData json/or/XML file... that only held component placements and texts. No images, links, file links,... basically 80% of Freeter data is not cloud capable in the current suggested sense.

    A way around this, for SameOS -> SameOS is use Google backup and sync, I would avoid pCloud for the virtual folders as I reported massive memory leaks and other issues to their CEO last year after weeks of requesting his email address... and i was ignored.

    I tested pCloud again...and the massive memory leak is still there.


    • Signed,
      Frustrated as Fook!!!

  • I have the same question. If you have succeeded with your task, can you help me as well? I was trying to follow the instruction and failed. What area code are you in? That area code of mine seems to be rejected. Maybe you will be ready to help me solve this issue for some small payment? I would really appreciate it. If you are ready to assist, let me know and I will leave you my mobile or mail so we can communicate directly.

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