Suggestion: Add application icons to the Tools menu

  • First off, let me say that I really like this program! It opens up a whole new way of working on my projects. I can see that I'm going to use it a lot (and I've purchased two Freeter Pro licenses - one for my desktop computer and one for my notebook).

    Here's my suggestion for a future enhancement to the program: add application icons to the Tools menu. Currently, the Tools menu just lists the name of programs that you add to the menu (along with the name plus EXE extension, which is redundant).

    I think adding the application icons to the Tools menu really enhances the visual appeal of the Freeter interface. For a comparison of Freeter with just the text versus the application icons plus the text, see the two screenshots below. The first screenshot is the current Freeter interface. The second screenshot is a Photoshop mockup I made that shows the application icons added to the Tools menu. I think it looks pretty slick, and it'd be cool to see this added in the next version of Freeter.

    0_1506582937430_Tools Menu (current).png
    Above: Current Freeter interface with text only on the Tools menu
    Below: Proposed Freeter interface with application icons + text on the Tools menu

    0_1506582963374_Tools Menu (proposed).png

  • @Scott Good idea.

  • administrators

    @Scott Thanks for the purchases and suggestion + bonus points for the mockup (looks good!). Will definitely look into adding.

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