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  • I enjoy Freeter. And, I continue to build my working environment. I use TaskPaper (Mac) to work with my tasks and todo things. I use macros to launch files, set window sizes, and essentially organize my screen work area.

    On an iMac 21” screen, I have a macro to open Finder windows side by side some of the time, or Taskpaper and something else like perhaps ... Freeter? I don't know if what I am asking is too much but I thought it would be fun to ask.

    Right now I cannot shorten the width of Freeter enough to make it half the screen width. Almost, but not quite. To do this it would have to shorten the width almost to the magnifying glass icon on the menu bar. Actually, if you copied that icon and pasted it to the right, that would be the halfway point on my screen. You would have to relocate the edit button if you did that.

    None of my suggestion takes away any of the full screen functionality of Freeter. I am only trying to suggest that it could be useful in a different way if Freeter could be put to half screen. I know the notes fields are on the list for improvement as well as a todo list, but I am still using my TaskPaper document and my suggestion could make it easier to keep Freeter and taskpaper up side by side on the same screen.

    I am also copying and pasting things to track as I walk about in Apples Notes app. I already have a macro that sets up Notes and TaskPaper side by side and navigates to the correct lists. If Freeter could go half screen, I could do this with Freeter and Notes too.

    Right now I am confusing myself just a bit as I am trying to track notes in Freeter and also in TaskPaper. Putting Freeter and Taskpaper side by side on the same screen would be helpful. In this way, Freeter would continue to be the great app that it is in my workflow and TaskPaper can serve as my goto task list real time in my Freeter projects.

    I know that with widgets, the design idea behind Freeter with web pages and all was to have things open within Freeter. But this is perhaps another nod toward those of us who already work hard with apps on the desktop and want to continue to integrate Freeter into our workflow. Freeter still does so much.

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    @levelbest Interesting issue, and I have logged the request. Thanks for the feedback.

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