Key Triggers

  • I have already suggested adding a key trigger to future Freeter updates. This is for those of us who like to use macro applications which need to be triggered by a key combination. When I set to work on a Freeter project (I have three screens) I like to open the apps I am using and move and resize their windows and search within them if needed, to get to the right section for that projects work and to set up that projects work environment. Now I will be able to do all that with a single click in a Freeter Project page.

    On the Mac side, there is an excellent macro app that I already use called Keyboard Maestro. I have just discovered that it will allow me to either, show the macro to me as a terminal script - which I can then put into Freeter’s commands, or I can export that script as a trigger script which I can then link a file launch button to. Hooray for all that.

    It would still be nice to have option to trigger a system key click in Freeter, but I was going to use that to trigger the macros that I have now discovered how to launch. Now that I have a way to do it, it will be a less important feature request (for me).

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